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study Spanish in spain

Intensive Spanish Language in Barcelona

There are few better places to learn Spanish than in Barcelona– you can enjoy the cosmopolitan city and beautiful sandy beaches, all while immersing yourself in the Spanish language (hey, you might even pick up some Catalan too)! Participate in the flexible, year-round Intensive Spanish Language classes in Barcelona, and you may find you’ll never want to leave.

study business in brazil

Business & Portuguese Summer at IUPERJ

The Business & Portuguese Summer program, in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, is the perfect way to spend your summer break! You’ll focus on improving your Portuguese language skills, while enrolling in another course in English– choose from Brazilian business or liberal arts courses; there’s a little something for everyone!

study business in Spain

Spanish Business & Culture

Looking to spend a few weeks during your summer break experiencing a new culture while taking courses in your major? The Spanish Business & Cultureprogram, with its mix of business and Spanish cultural studies, in addition to site visits and activities in town, provides the balance you’re looking for! All that adds up to one amazing summer in Spain.

study in rio

International Semester at IUPERJ

For business students, Brazil is the place to be right now. Its growing economy and position on the world stage is making Rio a hotter destination than ever. Through the International Semester at IUPERJ program, you can study business topics and improve your Portuguese at the same time!


Business & Management Studies at IQS

Our Business & Management Studies program, offered in partnership with Barcelona’s prestigious IQS School of Management, will polish your Spanish skills as you learn the latest in business administration and earn credit toward your degree.

study in barcelona

Business & Humanities Summer Program

This Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) summer program allows you the chance to spend six weeks soaking up the culture, language, and everything else that Spain has to offer! Choose from courses in the humanities and business and earn credits while exploring Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain.

study abroad in barcelona spain

International Semester at BIC

Are you interested in spending a semester in Spain, meeting students from around the world, improving your Spanish proficiency, and getting university credit in the meantime? Then the International Semester at Barcelona International College (BIC) is the one for you!Earn U.S. credit for courses in English and Spanish in Business and the Humanities.

study fashion in barcelona

Fashion & Design at IED

Students of design and fashion should look no further than the Fashion & Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) summer program for the perfect study abroad opportunity! One of the most well-known design schools in the world, IED is your chance to learn about topics your passionate about in a setting that brings your coursework to life.

study in barcelona

International Business & Humanities at UAB

Students who study abroad for a semester at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) will have an incredible range of courses in both English and Spanish to choose from, ensuring that whatever you’d like to study, we have the course for you!

study in Barcelona

Hispanic Studies at UB

The Hispanic Studies at UB semester program is an amazing opportunity to increase your language proficiency while taking university-level courses in Spanish! This “content-based” learning is a great way of furthering studies in areas you are interested in while vastly improving your Spanish skills.

Barcelona Intercambio

Hispanic Studies Summer Program

The Hispanic Studies at UB summer program is designed for students who have already begun their Spanish studies but want to spend a summer immersed in the language and culture of Barcelona, Spain. Spend four weeks making the city of Barcelona your classroom, and let us take care of all the details!

Barcelona Futbol

Spanish Culture & Language at BIC

Thinking of getting away for the summer, but want to make it valuable for your academic career? The four-week Spanish Culture & Language summer program at Barcelona International College (BIC) offers students the chance to receive U.S. credit for taking courses in the Humanities, Business and Spanish Language at an international campus surrounded by students from all over the world!

learn spanish argentina

Argentine Literature & Political History at UNTREF

Bored by the prospect of another cold January at home? Then join BridgeAbroad and head down to sunny and sophisticated Buenos Aires for a J-Term of language study, cultural learning, and academic growth.

Study Abroad students dancing tango in Buenos Aires

Latin American Cultures & Social Movements at UNTREF

Want to spend your summer learning and growing as you immerse yourself in the history and culture of a spectacular foreign city? Then BridgeAbroad’s Latin American Cultures and Social Movements program is for you!

study abroad sao paolo

Brazilian Culture & Language at FAAP

This 5- or 12-week, São Paulo-based study abroad program utilizes full-immersion instruction to build Portuguese language skills not through boring exercises and rote memorization, but by learning about Brazil’s history, culture, politics, and literature.


Chilean Culture & Language at PUCV

Want to immerse yourself in a new culture while building foreign language skills in a short time? Bridge’s 3- to 5-week Chilean Culture & Language program will help you strengthen your Spanish while introducing you to the customs and culture of Chile!

study abroad valparaiso chile

English Semester at PUCV

Bridge’s English Semester at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaíso (PUCV) is an ideal way to expand your cultural horizons and earn degree credit as you learn a new language and experience life abroad.

study abroad valparaiso

Spanish Semester at PUCV

Spend a semester or a year in Valparaíso, Chile and you can build your Spanish fluency as you earn credit toward your degree—all while immersing yourself in the life and culture of one of South America’s most magical cities.

study abroad in valparaiso

Contemporary Latin American Studies at PUCV

Want to skip the Spanish language classes and immerse yourself directly in high-level courses with Chilean peers? If you’re confident in your Spanish skills and eager to study like a local, then Bridge’s Contemporary Latin American Studies program in Valparaíso, Chile is for you!


Community Service and Intensive Spanish – Santiago

Student volunteers will be placed within local community centers in Santiago and asked to help with a range of activities, from serving meals to the poor to caring for disadvantaged children.

study spanish chile

Intensive Spanish Language – Santiago

Eager to quickly build your Spanish language skills as you immerse yourself in the cultural life of a new city? Then look no further than Bridge’s Intensive Spanish Language program in Santiago, Chile.

study abroad sao paolo

International Semester at FAAP

If you’re a student of international business, there are few places you should want to be more than São Paulo. Brazil has stunned the world with its meteoric economic growth—and São Paulo stands at its very heart.

Portuguese Semester at FAAP

Portuguese Semester at FAAP

Take your language skills to the next level by immersing yourself in a full semester of Portuguese instruction in São Paulo! Get to know Brazilian culture, history, politics and literature as you work toward mastering its language.

Intern in Brazil

Community Service and Intensive Portuguese- Rio de Janeiro

Learn the language and volunteer with local nonprofit organizations to serve underprivileged citizens, while gaining insight into all levels of Brazilian society!


Intensive Portuguese Language – Rio de Janeiro

Our unique full-immersion approach doesn’t ask you to memorize vocabulary lists or analyze dry grammatical rules. Instead, we teach the language like it’s spoken—through the rich culture and history of Brazil.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Humanities Semester at Austral

Few cities can match Buenos Aires’ artistic vibrancy and political energy; none can equal its beguiling marriage of European influence and Latin cultural flair. Make yourself a part of it all by joining BridgeAbroad for a year or a semester studying Argentine culture and politics at Buenos Aires’ esteemed Universidad Austral.


Community Service and Intensive Spanish – Buenos Aires

Learn the language and do community service with local nonprofit organizations to serve underprivileged citizens, while gaining insight into all levels of Argentinean society!


Intensive Spanish Language – Buenos Aires

Spanish language skills are in high demand. And where better to acquire them than in Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan mix of styles and sensibilities and one of the most exciting cities on the planet!