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Study Portuguese in Rio

With more than 20 years of experience in Brazil, no one knows how to teach Portuguese as a foreign language better than Bridge. Our Intensive, month-long Portuguese Language program will help you rapidly build or improve your Portuguese, no matter your language level.

Our unique full-immersion approach doesn’t ask you to memorize vocabulary lists or analyze dry grammatical rules. Instead, we teach the language like it’s spoken—through the rich culture and history of Brazil. And can take care of the logistics like housing and airport pickup, so you can focus on learning and growing as you immerse yourself in the life of a new country.

Bridge’s program takes place in Rio de Janeiro, a gorgeous city set amid surreally shaped mountains surrounding gorgeous Guanabara Bay. Coupling rigorous but fun classroom instruction with excursions to some of the most exciting spots in Rio, the Intensive Portuguese Language program is about much more than words on a page—it’s about building the memories you’ll carry with you long after the samba stops!

What makes Rio de Janeiro unique?

Few cities have as rich a musical history as Rio de Janeiro. As Brazil’s biggest city in the 19th century, Rio bustled with immigrants from Portugal, whose traditional fado inspired the European-infused laments of choro. Migrants from the rural Northwest brought diverse folk traditions into the mix, giving rise to samba and bossa nova. As Brazilian politics turned violent in the 1960s, young singer-songwriters channeled the hopes of an idealistic generation with the politicized hits of tropicalia, a distinctively South American genre.

The challenges of daily life in the big, diverse city are still inspiring new sounds, like the high energy, hip-hop beats of favela-born funk carioca. These musical styles aren’t confined to the history books; you can hear them all today in the clubs and cafes that continue to make Rio one of the most exciting musical cities on the planet.


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